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Elder woman and her caretaker

Caring for Your Neighbors, and
the Margaret Pratt Community

Consider Making a Donation

Why it's needed

Challenging is a gentle word for the increasingly difficult experience of finding safe, caring, supportive residential accommodations for our elders.  And it takes little imagination to know that someday we ourselves, if lucky enough, may find solace in such a residence.


In addition to Vermont having the second oldest population in the country with the baby-boomer generation rapidly approaching old age, the actual number of residential care facilities in Vermont is decreasing.  With the difficulty in finding staff and compensating them fairly, plus limited government support, it means many of our neighbors will not be able to find a place to live when they can no longer stay at home.


In Bradford, Vermont, through the wisdom and compassion of a few individuals, there is a solution to this challenge.  Margaret Pratt Community (MPC) is a place for those needing assisted or memory care residence, with a truly attentive and caring staff, appropriate activities, healthy meals, and attractive living spaces.  Remarkably, MPC will make it possible for a person to remain in their care when their resources no longer cover private pay, by participation in Vermont’s Medicaid program to help cover their costs. A key element of MPC’s mission is to serve low- and middle-income elders, particularly those in the ‘forgotten middle’ who cannot afford private pay yet do not qualify for Medicaid.


Who we are

Margaret Pratt Community is owned by Enhanced Living, Inc. a Bradford based nonprofit organization whose mission is care, not profit. It is guided by values of respect, quality and humanity. It is devoted to providing access to care for those who have lived in the region, or have family members nearby, and can have the assurance that, as their needs grow, they can stay, even if their financial circumstances change.


This is possible, and will be increasingly necessary, through donations to Margaret Pratt Community for general purposes and for life enhancement of the residents, and for The James Barton Fund which subsidizes the cost for individuals who fall in the gap between the ability to pay privately and qualifying for Medicaid.  Longer lives increase the likelihood that any one of us could outlive our finances, and Margaret Pratt Community knows, acknowledges, and solves this problem.


Who should donate

Many people who understand and empathize with this need for quality care through life, and who are grateful for Margaret Pratt Community because a family member benefited from time there, or a neighbor found safety and companionship there, because MPC represents a thoughtful solution to a problem we all may face at some time…. Are now invited to donate to support the continuation and growth of this important community resource.


Please consider a tax-deductible donation to Margaret Pratt Community now, for ongoing support of our residents and for long-term support of The James Barton Fund. We welcome an opportunity to tell you more, have you visit the community, or send you additional materials.


Thank you for caring and understanding.

How to give

  • Online 
    Click here


  • By mail - Send your check or money order payable to:
    The James Barton Fund
    c/o Enhanced Living, Inc.
    210 Plateau Acres, Bradford, Vermont 05033

When to Give

The timing of your gift can be just as crucial as the gift itself. Consider this: an income tax charitable deduction could potentially mitigate the tax implications of receiving a bonus. *

*Tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

​For more information, please contact Jamie Rogers, Director of Marketing, at (802) 222-5554, (802) 745-9257 or

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