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Answers to a few of your questions . . .


Who is eligible to live at Margaret Pratt Community?

Individuals or couples age 55 and over.


How long must I commit to being at Margaret Pratt Community?

Most residents stay on a long-term basis. However, a one-year lease is signed by all residents or their Power of Attorney.


Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, this is your home, and we encourage you to bring your own furnishings and mementos.


What if my health changes?

If you or your spouse/companion experience changes which require more intensive health care, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. The staff at Margaret Pratt Community can provide additional care, which can also be supplemented with care by other specialized outside providers.


Can my family have dinner with me?

Absolutely! Family and friends are always welcome at Margaret Pratt Community. Our Assisted Living and Memory Care Programs each have their own dining rooms, with extra room. Just speak with the staff to make arrangements.


Can I bring my dog or cat?

Margaret Pratt Community residents can have pets. As long as you are able to take care of the pet, such as walking a dog outdoors and cleaning up after them, you can have your pet here with you. Ask to see the pet policy for complete details.


Does my Physician need to be involved in the application process?

We do ask that your personal physician complete a health assessment form for our staff. Our Health Services Director will also meet with you to help determine the appropriate level of care for you, and upon admission will complete your individual care plan.


I don’t drive anymore, how will I get to the store and medical appointments?

Margaret Pratt Community has its own vehicle and has partnered with local transportation provider Stagecoach. We will have scheduled weekly trips to local stores and restaurants, and you can schedule transportation for personal appointments when the car is available.


What levels of care are offered at Margaret Pratt Community?

We offer assisted living and assisted living memory care .


Can my spouse live with me if they don’t need Assisted Living?

Yes, we often have couples residing together, where one person is receiving personal care services and the other is not. Everyone benefits from meals, housekeeping, and socialization.


Do you have more questions? Call us today! 1-802-222-5554

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